Friday, October 2, 2020

Investments and Wealth Institute Presents Behavioral Finance Week 2020

Kristin Hetzer has built a career as an investment management professional in the greater Los Angeles area. To complement her leadership at Royal Palms Capital, located in Rolling Hills Estates, Kristin Hetzer participates in professional organizations such as the Investments and Wealth Institute.

As part of its mission to enhance the skills of financial professionals, the Investments and Wealth Institute presented its second annual Behavioral Finance Week. Taking place September 7-13, 2020, the week aimed to bring attention to behavioral finance, a field that examines the role of psychological biases in financial behavior and markets.

The week’s proceedings included the Behavioral Finance Forum. The organization’s first online-only conference, the one-day event consisted of programming designed to help financial professionals develop an understanding of current topics in behavioral finance. Along with enjoying access to experts in the field, such as faculty members from the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, attendees had the opportunity to take part in networking and social activities.

Behavioral Finance Week also saw the Investments and Wealth Institute reveal the results of the BeFi Barometer 2020, a survey it commissioned alongside Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM) and Cerulli Associates. The highlights of the survey include the finding that 81 percent of financial professionals applied behavioral finance strategies with their clients in 2020, a jump of 10 percent year over year. As noted by Omar Aguilar, a chief investment officer at CSIM, behavioral finance is a particularly important tool in navigating clients through the unprecedented market conditions of today’s world. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Investments and Wealth Institute Releases 2020 Investor Report

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The Principal at Royal Palms Capital, LLC, Kristin Hetzer possesses expertise in investment management and security analysis. Kristin Hetzer has been a member of the Investment & Wealth Institute since 2000.

The Investments & Wealth Institute is an association of financial advisors and wealth managers committed to excellence and ethics. The organization, in partnership with the Toews Corporation, commissioned Absolute Engagement, a company that uses client feedback to design a client experience, in March 2020 to conduct an investor research study on the perceptions of their advisors and the steps they can take to keep their clients’ business.

The study revealed that although 90 percent of the respondents remain satisfied and positive that their advisors will help them earn high returns on investments, 44 percent have evaluated their advisors’ standing and contemplated turning to other advisors. This was a significant increase from the 2019 data, in which only 21 percent had considered changing advisors.

To resolve the confidence and satisfaction challenges that are affecting clients, the organization recommended using strategies based on its Exceptional Advisor Model, which combines advanced capabilities, personalized approach, exceptional service, expertise, meaningful guidance, and ethics. Doing so will enable advisors to find new opportunities to create more value for their clients and cement their advisor-client relationships.