Saturday, November 6, 2021

Egypt Explains Financial Elder Abuse

Since May 2005, Kristin Hetzer has served as a principal with Royal Palms Capital LLC in California. On December 16, 2020, Kristin Hetzer published Valle Egypt, a book informing readers about financial elder abuse. Valle Egypt uses multiple methods to convey its message, each serving its own purpose.

Valle Egypt does more than just summarize relevant laws regarding the oversight and management of an elderly person's finances. By using a case study, the book details elder abuse in a more digestible form that will almost certainly evoke an emotional response. Through telling the story of the financial decline of a family-owned farm over the course of 60 years, Valle Egypt explores how the family’s children, alongside one family member's lawyer, took financial advantage of the elderly member of their family. Then, to reinforce what readers learned via this anecdotal evidence, the book includes information about relevant topics like estate planning and trust formation.

Interested readers can purchase Valle Egypt in several formats. In addition to paperback and hardcover editions, readers can also buy a Kindle version.