Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Valle Egypt - Spreading Awareness

A California resident, Kristin Hetzer graduated from Hope College and holds a bachelor of arts degree with a major in biology. She is the senior portfolio manager of Royal Palms Capital, LLC. Kristin Hetzer also recently authored a book, "Valle Egypt", a non-fiction book focusing on the topic of financial elder abuse.

Valle Egypt was published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet in South Carolina. The book functions as a case study and is based on the personal family story of the author. The book’s goal is to increase awareness about financial elder abuse and ways for people to mitigate the problem should it ever happen to them or their close family members. It enables people to learn about fiduciary duty, legal trusts, and estate planning so that they can be more prepared when facing such a problem, and ideally prevent it from ever happening.

By reading the book, people can also better understand the consequences of financial elder abuse, and the story questions and directs attention to the mental capacity of an elder parent and the undue influence of children. The story and legal case also showcase just how an experienced lawyer can come to aid in a situation involving financial elder abuse.