Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Financial Elder Abuse Cases & Problems

A graduate of Hope College, Kristin Hetzer holds a bachelor of arts in biology and is the Principal of Royal Palms Capital LLC. Kristin Hetzer is also the author of Valle Egypt, a story of a family affected by financial elder abuse.

Financial elder abuse is a real problem and can happen to anyone as people start to decline with age and are easier to coerce and take advantage of. The elders that are the most at risk are those who are isolated or suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia. Financial elder abuse occurs when a person steals something from an elder or coerces them into giving them something of value. This type of abuse can be done by anyone from family members, to friends, and even caregivers or lawyers.

There are many signs that can pinpoint financial elder abuse such as missing belongings, unusual money withdrawals, or changes in the will. This abuse specifically is harder to tackle and identify than typical elder abuse such as physical or emotional. Cases of financial elder abuse can be filed at adult protective services or financial institutions.