Friday, October 29, 2021


A principal with Royal Palms Capital LLC for over 15 years, Kristin Hetzer assists clients in managing investment portfolios. To remain up to date in her field, Kristin Hetzer is a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA). AAPTA provides resources for professional technicians to network with fellow members and grow in their careers, surrounded by the most experienced members of their industry.

Incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2004, AAPTA offers in-person and online services for advisors, money managers, traders, and analysts. Members gain access to a restricted online forum, where they can share their expertise. Combined, members learn how to better collect and study data regarding market conditions. Their conferences, including the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) International Conference, serve as a more formal way for members to share ideas about global investing.

AAPTA uses a strict membership process to maintain a high bar of quality. After contacting the email address on the organization’s home page, a prospective member submits proof that they have worked in a profession using technical analysis for at least seven consecutive years. Then, two established AAPTA members must vouch for the applicant. After a 30-day review period, the total AAPTA membership body considers the candidate’s qualifications, and the membership committee uses this feedback to make its membership determination.