Monday, October 11, 2021

Valle Egypt Aims to Create Awareness

Kristin Hetzer is the owner and principal of Royal Hills Capital, LLC, in Rolling Hills Estates, California. A graduate of Hope College in Michigan, Kristin Hetzer is also the author of the book Valle Egypt.

Released in December 2020, Valle Egypt delves deep into the rising problem of financial elder abuse. The 390-page book published by Covenant Books is divided into two parts. Part one of the book tells the true story of how one family member aided by a lawyer from a prestigious law firm perpetrated financial elder abuse. This act led to the loss of a sixty-year-old family farm after the death of both parents. Part two gives practical financial planning lessons that can help readers protect themselves or those they care about from persons who prey on assets owned by the elderly.

The author of Valle Egypt hopes their book will create greater awareness about financial elder abuse. They also hope that by reading the book students and professionals in the legal and financial industries can see how unethical professional behavior can inflict emotional pain on the elderly during the last years of their life, and on their families before and after they pass on.